Monday, May 19, 2008

Ribbon Storage

As promised, today I am going to talk about ribbon storage. I'll admit it, I just love ribbon - I have tons and tons of it! I am constantly searching for the best method to store my ribbon. Thanks to the discussion forums at SplitCoast Stampers I have found some great ideas for storage. I can't take any credit for the ideas I am sharing with you today - I got all of my ideas from the very talented stampers over at SplitCoast and other bloggers who have shared their ideas for storage.

First, I would like to show you how I store my larger spools of ribbon. I'm talking about the full rolls of Stampin Up! ribbon which contain a lot of ribbon. Previously, I stored them on the rolls in drawers or baskets stashed in my stamping closet. I had so many rolls that they took up a great deal of room and it was difficult to see what I had. As you know, I have 2 cats who are usually in my room with me and they posed another problem - I could not leave my ribbon out because they would end up playing with it and I would find ribbon all through the house. How do I know this - I came home one day to find an entire roll of ribbon strung from my craft room (upstairs) down the hall and stairs!

So, I purchased Cropper Hopper 4 x 6 Ribbon Cards and wrapped my ribbon around it. Here's 2 pictures of the cards so you can see what they look like:

Now, what to store them in? I searched all over and finally found a storage unit I liked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. It measures 22" w x 15" d x 25" h (with wheels). Believe it or not, I was able to fit ALL of my large ribbon spools into one drawer - and still have a little room left over. I divided the drawer into sections by cutting poster board to fit inside the drawer. That way there is a clear division of the sections. I have taken a picture for you of the drawer wtih my ribbons inside:

Now, for my smaller spools of ribbon and ribbon that I got via ribbon shares. For my smaller rolls of ribbon I saw a great idea using clothes pins. Basically, all you do is wrap the ribbon around the pin and then I secured them in place with Goody pony tail holders that I purchased at Wallmart. The pins I bought were actually called Doll Pins at Joann's. Here's a picture so you get the idea:

Now, what I consider the best idea of all - what to store all those clothes pins in. I bought a clear jar at Bed, Bath, and Beyond to put all my ribbon spools into. After using my coupon I think I ended up paying about $5 for this large jar. I sat the jar on a bookcase in my craft room so it's in clear view. I gotta tell you - it just makes me happy to see all the pretty ribbon sitting in the jar! Here's a picture for you:

Thanks for stopping by. I am working on a PG-13 card for tomorrow. It's a funny sentiment that I found in my stash yesterday and that goes perfectly with some Barbie paper I found at Joann's. That's one of my projects for today. Please stop by tomorrow and I'll show you what I came up with!

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