Wednesday, January 18, 2012

First Day of Cleanse - We Survived!

Well, it's almost the end of day 1 and we survived the cleanse.  My husband was a little disappointed when I came home from work and he asked if he got any "real" food today - the answer is NO.  Basically, our day consisted of a "Cleanse for Life" drink 4 times a day, 2 "snack pellets" 2 - 3 times a day(which are really nasty), an "accelerator" pill 2 times a day, and plenty of water.  The brochure said we could have an apple if we were really hungry, so we each had 1 apple in the afternoon.  It was the best apple I ever ate!

My one problem is a headache which I had most of the day - it's finally gone away.  I'm a huge iced tea drinker.  Granted, I drink mostly green tea, but it still has caffeine.  I'm pretty sure the headache was my body going through withdrawl.  No caffeine for me (at least for another 8 days)!  We really have just been peeing quite a bit.  I don't feel bad - a litle hungry at times, but nothing I can't stand.  I even went to the gym and worked out.

Tommorow is a repeat of day two.  After that, we have 5 days of shakes for breakfast and dinner and a regular meal at lunch.

One day down and eight more to go!!   

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