Friday, January 27, 2012


Yes, we successfully finished the cleanse. I lost 8 pounds and 4 inches (all in my hips and thighs). My husband lost about the same amount. Many people ask if I think it was just water weight and as soon as I start eating regularly I'll just put it back. I honestly feel like I lost stubborn fat that I haven't been able to lose. In addition, another benefit of the cleanse is it really makes you think about everything you eat. We have both decided to continue eating a protein shake once a day as a meal replacement - either breakfast or supper. So, I think the cleanse will have long term effects. In addition, my husband said he wanted to start taking isagenix product B and multi vitamins. I've been taking both of these with good results so I'm glad he wants to really take a more active role in his health. When you work so hard to get through the nine days it really makes you want to commit to a healthier lifestyle. So, I really think the isagenix cleanse was a great experience for us and one I would recommend to others.

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I am a Clean alumnae. I also do at least one shake a day. My first cleanse netted me a 20 lb weight loss but I have realized more benefits in addition to that. I'm a believer.