Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Start of Day 8

Well, yesterday was our last day of "real food" and we are now back to the liquid cleanse.  To motivate myself, I decided to wear a dress to work today that is a little tight (especially through the hips and thighs).  I am proud to say that dress is now loose on me - in fact, I was even able to go spanx-less.  Normally, when I wear that dress I always wear my spanx to hide the bulges - but not today!!  That helped to make it a little easier to start back to the liquid portion of the cleanse.

On a side note, I was a little worried about my husband the other night when he was opening the cat's can of food and remarked,"This smells good, like turkey - it is turkey."  No, he didn't try it, but the fact that he thought their cat food smelled appealing concerned me.  I got him all ready for today - measured out his liquid cleanse in individual jars for each serving, counted out his 6 almonds, and put his "snacks" in baggies.  He should be all set for the day!

Wish us luck - we are down to the wire! 

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