Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Isagenix cleanse

My husband wanted to "jumpstart" his plan to get healthy and asked me to do a cleanse with him.  I have done a fruit and vegetable cleanse in the past, but initially I wasn't too thrilled with doing another one (it's been many years since my last one).  But, my husband said if I didn't do it with him, he probably wouldn't be able to go through it.  I thought about it, and being the good wife that I am ;-)   decided I could do a 9-day cleanse.

If anyone is interested, we are doing the Isagenix 9-day cleanse.  It looks awesome, but I just hope I can survive the full 9-days.  I am a pretty disciplined person, so I am thinking I'll make it. The first two days are "cleanse" days - that means only the cleanse with an accelerator, plenty of water, and some of their "snacks."  I think those will be the hardest 2 days.  Then, we get 5 days of shakes plus a lunch consisting of fruits, vegetables and protein.  That is followed by another 2 days of cleansing.

My plan is to post our progress on my blog.  I am taking before and after measurements - which I will share at the end. 

We are in prepration phase tonight and my husband is full of questions - and complaints.  Now mind you, he is the one who wanted to do this!  He asked if he can have a beer during anytime in the 9 days - of course the answer is NO - are you crazy!  He opened up the "snacks" and said he thinks our cat's treats are more filling than these.  I was able to comfort him by telling him he could have an apple or 6 raw almonds or a celery stick if he got really hungry.  Yes, my husband is off to the grocery store as we speak to buy a dozen apples and celery sticks (he already has the almonds)!

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